“I learned about the Roads2Work program while volunteering at Impact with the Food Soliders group doing the fire fighters 4 kids toy drive around Christmas 2019. I met with everyone involved with this program and instantly wanted to join; however, the 7AM-6PM schedule didn’t work for me because I have a small child. Fast forward to August/September 2020 everything fell into place for me to join the program. I reached out and was connected again with Dana Brock & Mr. Tyson. After my 1st week with Mr. Tyson I moved over to capital where I was about to gain the knowledge & obtain my Class A CDL. I needed to stay local so it took me a little longer to find work but I’m happy with how everything worked itself out and I’m actually doing something I love. I want to give a huge thank you to Impact, Dana, Mr. Tyson everyone at Capital Transportation as well as my classmates, family & friends for helping me get through this program.”

N. Robinson

“To be in this space that I’m in right now. The middle of transition and becoming successful. Being forced to make a decision to further my career and enhance my skills, Due to the World Pandemic. That door was opened wide for me. The opportunity presented itself and I knew this was the time to create an outlet to financial freedom. Something that I have longed for for many many years.
Impact and its Roads to Success program ultimately made that dream come true for me. The process of interviewing with Mr. Brock at Impact and interviewing with Capital Transportation school seemed very effortless seeing that I already have my Class B. During the process They made it very comfortable and easy which helped me to know for sure that this was the right decision for me. It was easy because the person they wanted to help was eager and already ready to go in and learn the basics to prepare me for my future career … The preparation and the tools given helped me to accomplish my goal and obtain my Class A. The instructors were awesome. There were times I fell short in my confidence and feeling like there was not enough time given to learn all that was needed but they definitely created a moment to encourage me and let me know that I Got this and to keep going. During the process it was encouraging as job recruiter s would come into the school I felt that was a great way to give the students hope and keep pushing because of the jobs out there that could change our life. As long as the work was put in with plenty of effort. Definitely giving us something to look forward too. Now I have placed a Job working for a Great company . Making double than what I have made in a year. I’m so excited and happy that this program is out here for people like me who have a passion for driving …or even people who just want to increase their financial situations. Thank you Impact and Thank you Capital. It was truly an amazing experience for me.”

“I have been considering a career change for the last few years. I have been working in the Food and Hospitality industry for many years.  With limited education and several barriers to employment, I had no hope in sight. I always knew that continuing my education or even obtaining a skill, would help me elevate my quality of life. I never imagined that IMPACT would play a key role in the journey to achieving my goals. 
I have had a relationship with IMPACT since they were in the building at 700 Bryden Road. I have utilized their various programs for utility assistance. Although I have always appreciated the help, it was an embarrassing and dismal experience. When I walked into Mr. Brock’s office on Thursday, August 6, 2020, I felt a sense of accomplishment. That meeting signified a pivotal change in my life, not only financially, but psychologically. The act of making a change is daunting to most, and especially for me. I was stuck in a cycle and I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it. The one thing that I did know was that I was not going to accept defeat. 
Along with the Commercial Driving training, I have also begun the work of changing my thinking and becoming proactive as it pertains to be a better me. The soft skills portion of the Roads to Work program helped tremendously. The connections I made at Capital Transportation Academy have proved invaluable. Even after gaining employment a week after obtaining my CDL, I was able to go back to the academy for further instruction and mentoring. 
All in all, the Roads to Work program was a great experience for me. I gained a skill, learned some lessons, and with the help of IMPACT, created an opportunity for unlimited success. “

M. Suber